MYBPC3 truncating variants in HCM cohorts

The table below lists the 268 rare (MAF<0.0001 in ExAC) truncating MYBPC3 variants identified in a cohort of 2912 HCM patients. When this rare variant frequency of 0.09203 is compared with a background population rate of 0.00086, there is a statistically significant case excess of 0.09117 (p<0.0001), which suggests that approximately 265 of these variants may be pathogenic.

Variant Type:      All protein-altering variants     -     Truncating variants     -     Non-Truncating variants
Source:      Combined (OMGL + LMM)     -     OMGL     -     LMM

No. Variant (CDS) Variant (Protein) Variant Type Cases (2912)LMM class ExAC frequency
1. c.2373_2374insG p.Trp792ValfsTer41frameshift 26Pathogenic0.000037
2. c.1928-2A>G essential splice site 20Pathogenic0.000000
3. c.3330+2T>G essential splice site 11Pathogenic0.000000
4. c.3697C>T p.Q1233Xnonsense 9Pathogenic0.000008
5. c.2309-2A>G essential splice site 9Pathogenic0.000000
6. c.2827C>T p.R943Xnonsense 7Pathogenic0.000017
7. c.2670G>A p.W890Xnonsense 7Pathogenic0.000000
8. c.2864_2865delCT frameshift 6Pathogenic0.000000
9. c.3226_3227insT frameshift 6Pathogenic0.000000
10. c.913_914delTT frameshift 5Pathogenic0.000000
11. c.821+1G>A essential splice site 4Pathogenic0.000043
12. c.2182G>T p.E728Xnonsense 4Pathogenic0.000000
13. c.2096delC frameshift 4Pathogenic0.000000
14. c.26-2A>G essential splice site 4Pathogenic0.000051
15. c.2454G>A p.W818Xnonsense 4Pathogenic0.000000
16. c.2905+1G>A essential splice site 4Pathogenic0.000000
17. c.2920C>T p.Q974Xnonsense 3Pathogenic0.000000
18. c.3233G>A p.W1078Xnonsense 3Pathogenic0.000022
19. c.3491-2A>T essential splice site 3Pathogenic0.000000
20. c.2905C>T p.Q969Xnonsense 3Pathogenic0.000000
21. c.2311_2312insG p.Val771GlyfsX62frameshift 3Pathogenic0.000000
22. c.3190+1G>A essential splice site 3Pathogenic0.000000
23. c.2558delG frameshift 2Pathogenic0.000000
24. c.3624delC frameshift 2Pathogenic0.000000
25. c.3190+2T>G essential splice site 2Pathogenic0.000016
26. c.772+1G>A essential splice site 2Pathogenic0.000000
27. c.1897+1G>A essential splice site 2Pathogenic0.000000
28. c.1869C>A p.C623Xnonsense 2Pathogenic0.000000
29. c.927-2A>G essential splice site 2Pathogenic0.000000
30. c.1863delC p.Phe621LeufsX42frameshift 2Pathogenic0.000000
31. c.3192_3193insC p.Lys1065GlnfsX12frameshift 2Pathogenic0.000000
32. c.1210C>T p.Q404Xnonsense 2Pathogenic0.000000
33. c.3627+1G>A essential splice site 2Pathogenic0.000000
34. c.3624_3625insC p.Lys1209GlnfsX33frameshift 2Pathogenic0.000000
35. c.999C>G p.Y333Xnonsense 2Pathogenic0.000000
36. c.1357_1358delCC frameshift 2Pathogenic0.000000
37. c.2943_2947delGACCA frameshift 2Pathogenic0.000000
38. c.1895delT p.Met632ArgfsX31frameshift 2Pathogenic0.000000
39. c.2604_2605delinsA p.S871fsframeshift 2Pathogenic0.000000
40. c.436_437insA p.Thr146AsnfsX7frameshift 2Pathogenic0.000000
41. c.2048G>A p.W683Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
42. c.3735delC frameshift 1Likely Pathogenic0.000000
43. c.821+1G>C essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
44. c.1224-2A>G essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
45. c.2833_2834delCG frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
46. c.3408C>A p.Y1136Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
47. c.655-1G>A essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
48. c.2490_2491insT p.His831SerfsTer2frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000024
49. c.177_187del p.Glu60AlafsX49frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
50. c.3068_3069insA p.Asn1023LysfsX28frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
51. c.459delC frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
52. c.1273C>T p.Q425Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
53. c.3331-1G>A essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
54. c.2113_2114insA p.Thr705AsnfsX3frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
55. c.551_552insT p.Lys185GlufsX56frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
56. c.2541C>A p.Y847Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
57. c.3690_3691delCA p.Phe1230LeufsX11frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
58. c.506-1G>T essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
59. c.2013_2016delinsGG p.Pro672AspfsX20frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
60. c.3288delG frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
61. c.1693A>T p.K565Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
62. c.1924C>T p.Q642Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
63. c.1156G>T p.E386Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
64. c.1168delC frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
65. c.1351+2T>C essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
66. c.3825A>G p.X1275TrpextX77nonsense 1Likely Pathogenic0.000000
67. c.2437A>T p.K813Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
68. c.3253G>T p.E1085Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
69. c.2875_2876delAC p.Thr959GlyfsX91frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
70. c.3815-1G>A essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
71. c.3040delC p.Leu1014TrpfsX6frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
72. c.993_994insT p.E332Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
73. c.833delG p.Gly278GlufsX22frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
74. c.2610_2611insC p.Ser871GlnfsX13frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
75. c.1624+2T>C essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
76. c.1090+1G>A essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
77. c.2308+1G>A essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
78. c.932C>A p.S311Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
79. c.2780_2781delCA frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
80. c.2905+1G>C essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
81. c.1351+1G>A essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
82. c.3476_3477delTT frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
83. c.1800delA frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
84. c.2737+2T>A essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
85. c.3181C>T p.Q1061Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000016
86. c.2556_2557delinsTCT p.Gly853fsframeshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
87. c.3332_3335dupAGTG p.W1112Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
88. c.2953A>T p.K985Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
89. c.613C>T p.Q205Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
90. c.2040_2041insT p.Val681CysfsX12frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
91. c.533delT p.Val178GlyfsX7frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
92. c.3694A>T p.K1232Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
93. c.1575T>G p.Y525Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
94. c.2534_2538delGCGTC frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
95. c.3335G>A p.W1112Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
96. c.3776delA frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
97. c.1699_1700delGA p.Glu567GlyfsX4frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
98. c.2149-1G>A essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
99. c.3753T>G p.Y1251Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
100. c.1678delG p.Asp560ThrfsX19frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
101. c.2906-2A>G essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
102. c.2524_2525insT p.Tyr842LeufsX42frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
103. c.333_334insT p.E112Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
104. c.1999_2000delinsG p.Leu667AspfsX15frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
105. c.431_432delGT p.Gly144AlafsX8frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
106. c.3166_3167insG p.Ala1056GlyfsX9frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
107. c.966G>A p.W322Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
108. c.1038_1042dupCGGCA frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000008
109. c.1892delT frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
110. c.1090+1G>T essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
111. c.3811C>T p.R1271Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000025
112. c.3286G>T p.E1096Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
113. c.1000G>T p.E334Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
114. c.2737+1G>C essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
115. c.1628delA frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
116. c.2308+1G>T essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
117. c.2394_2395insT p.Gly799TrpfsX34frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
118. c.2747G>A p.W916Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
119. c.1458-1G>A essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
120. c.821+2T>C essential splice site 1Pathogenic0.000000
121. c.3476_3479dupTTAT p.Pro1161TyrfsX9frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
122. c.2965G>T p.E989Xnonsense 1Pathogenic0.000000
123. c.2517_2538del p.Val840ThrfsX32frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
124. c.2163delC p.Glu722ArgfsX32frameshift 1Pathogenic0.000000
125. c.3600_3609delCTGCTGTGCT frameshift 0Pathogenic0.000000


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