Titin Variants in Dilated Cardiomyopathy

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Titin - Exon 298

Details for Exon 298 of the Titin gene - Sequence Coordinates, Associated Transcripts, Functional Data, Truncating Variants and Sequence.

The exon number is based on the LRG numbering, as recommended for clinical reporting.


The genomic coordinates of HG19 and Locus Reference Genomic (LRG) and the CDS coordinates of the Titin meta-transcript for exon 298 are displayed below.

HG19 Genomic Locus Reference Genomic Meta-Transcript
StartEnd StartEnd StartEnd
179,458,969 179,458,688 241,561 241,84258,151 58,432


Exon 298 occurs in the following Titin transcripts (the number indicates the exon rank of exon 298 in each transcript).

297 247 125 246 126 126 -

Functional Data

Region: This exon occurs in the A-band region of the titin protein.

Domains: This exon codes for the following domain(s) - Ig-like 104.

PSI: The "proportion spliced-in" (an estimate of the percentage of TTN transcripts that incorporate this exon based on RNAseq data) is 100% in DCM (LV tissue of 84 end-stage patients) and 90% in GTEx (LV tissue of 105 samples from Genotype-Tissue Expression project). (See Ref. 1 for details)

Symmetry: This exon is symmetric, i.e. the length of the exon is a multiple of three and therefore removal of it will not alter the reading frame.

1. A. M. Roberts, J. S. Ware, D. S. Herman et al. Integrated allelic, transcriptional, and phenomic dissection of the cardiac effects of titin truncations in health and disease. Sci. Transl. Med. 7, 270ra6 (2015).

Truncating Variants

The following TTN truncating variants affecting this exon have been described in major published studies (click on the study name for more details):

StudyCohortPatient IDVariant (CDS)Variant (protein)Variant Type
RECOVERY 2016DCM-NON-REC20PD01505c.58172delAp.Asp19391AlafsTer45frameshift
STM 2015DCM-ES20PD01505c.58172delAp.Asp19391fsframeshift
NEJM 2012DCM-CDNFDC103-03-0941c.58270G>Tp.Glu19424Xnonsense


Size of Exon: 282 bases           Ensembl ID: ENSE00002250782


ATGC = coding sequence, ATGC = non-coding sequence