MYBPC3 non-truncating variants in HCM cohorts

The table below lists the 272 rare (MAF<0.0001 in ExAC) non-truncating MYBPC3 variants identified in a cohort of 2912 HCM patients. When this rare variant frequency of 0.09341 is compared with a background population rate of 0.01884, there is a statistically significant case excess of 0.07457 (p<0.0001), which suggests that approximately 218 of these variants may be pathogenic.

Variant Type:      All protein-altering variants     -     Truncating variants     -     Non-Truncating variants
Source:      Combined (OMGL + LMM)     -     OMGL     -     LMM

No. Variant (CDS) Variant (Protein) Variant Type Cases (2912)LMM class ExAC frequency
1. c.1504C>T p.R502Wmissense 45Pathogenic0.000024
2. c.772G>A p.E258Kmissense 21Pathogenic0.000039
3. c.1624G>C p.E542Qmissense 17Likely Pathogenic0.000024
4. c.1484G>A p.R495Qmissense 10VUS favour pathogenic0.000008
5. c.2429G>A p.R810Hmissense 8VUS favour pathogenic0.000033
6. c.655G>C p.V219Lmissense 8Likely Pathogenic0.000000
7. c.442G>A p.G148Rmissense 7VUS favour pathogenic0.000042
8. c.2308G>A p.D770Nmissense 6Likely Pathogenic0.000008
9. c.1505G>A p.R502Qmissense 6Pathogenic0.000000
10. c.2374T>C p.W792Rmissense 5Likely Pathogenic0.000000
11. c.3064C>T p.R1022Cmissense 4VUS favour pathogenic0.000008
12. c.1483C>G p.R495Gmissense 4Likely Pathogenic0.000000
13. c.2573G>A p.S858Nmissense 4VUS favour pathogenic0.000000
14. c.3742_3759dup p.Gly1248_Cys1253dupinframe 4Likely Pathogenic0.000000
15. c.710A>C p.Y237Smissense 3Likely Pathogenic0.000000
16. c.355G>A p.E119Kmissense 3VUS0.000000
17. c.2450G>A p.R817Qmissense 3VUS favour pathogenic0.000016
18. c.2873C>T p.T958Imissense 3VUS favour benign0.000065
19. c.3767_3769delCCA p.Thr1256delinframe 3Likely Pathogenic0.000000
20. c.1591G>A p.G531Rmissense 3VUS favour pathogenic0.000017
21. c.1828G>A p.D610Nmissense 3VUS0.000000
22. c.1790G>A p.R597Qmissense 2VUS favour pathogenic0.000000
23. c.1766G>A p.R589Hmissense 2VUS0.000000
24. c.1934C>T p.P645Lmissense 2VUS0.000000
25. c.2882C>T p.P961Lmissense 2VUS0.000048
26. c.1483C>T p.R495Wmissense 2VUS favour pathogenic0.000000
27. c.1513_1515delAAG inframe 2VUS favour pathogenic0.000000
28. c.814C>T p.R272Cmissense 2VUS0.000083
29. c.2320G>A p.A774Tmissense 2VUS0.000000
30. c.532G>A p.V178Mmissense 2VUS favour pathogenic0.000020
31. c.1828G>C p.D610Hmissense 2VUS favour benign0.000058
32. c.636C>G p.S212Rmissense 2VUS favour pathogenic0.000000
33. c.1037G>A p.R346Hmissense 2VUS0.000000
34. c.844C>T p.R282Wmissense 1VUS favour pathogenic0.000000
35. c.223G>A p.D75Nmissense 1VUS favour pathogenic0.000091
36. c.2993A>G p.Q998Rmissense 1VUS favour pathogenic0.000000
37. c.1021G>A p.G341Smissense 1VUS favour pathogenic0.000025
38. c.481C>A p.P161Tmissense 1VUS favour pathogenic0.000041
39. c.2518G>A p.V840Mmissense 1VUS0.000016
40. c.1672G>A p.A558Tmissense 1VUS0.000008
41. c.2312T>C p.V771Amissense 1VUS0.000000
42. c.373G>T p.A125Smissense 1VUS0.000000
43. c.3083C>G p.T1028Smissense 1VUS0.000000
44. c.3415G>A p.V1139Imissense 1VUS0.000087
45. c.2210C>T p.T737Mmissense 1VUS0.000050
46. c.2528_2536delAGATGCGCG p.Glu843_Arg845delinframe 1Pathogenic0.000000
47. c.2723A>G p.Y908Cmissense 1VUS0.000062
48. c.1586C>G p.T529Smissense 1VUS favour pathogenic0.000000
49. c.2436G>T p.K812Nmissense 1VUS0.000000
50. c.2459G>A p.R820Qmissense 1Likely Pathogenic0.000016
51. c.1591G>C p.G531Rmissense 1VUS favour pathogenic0.000017
52. c.3797G>A p.C1266Ymissense 1Likely Pathogenic0.000000
53. c.1397T>A p.M466Kmissense 1VUS0.000008
54. c.2197C>T p.R733Cmissense 1VUS0.000085
55. c.2269G>A p.V757Mmissense 1VUS0.000066
56. c.1960C>T p.R654Cmissense 1VUS favour benign0.000008
57. c.932C>T p.S311Lmissense 1VUS0.000000
58. c.2828G>A p.R943Qmissense 1VUS0.000025
59. c.1505G>T p.R502Lmissense 1VUS favour pathogenic0.000000
60. c.104G>A p.R35Qmissense 1VUS0.000079
61. c.3548T>G p.F1183Cmissense 1Likely Pathogenic0.000000
62. c.451G>A p.D151Nmissense 1VUS0.000041
63. c.436A>C p.T146Pmissense 1VUS0.000000
64. c.290C>T p.A97Vmissense 1VUS favour pathogenic0.000000
65. c.326C>T p.A109Vmissense 1VUS0.000000
66. c.1188G>T p.W396Cmissense 1VUS0.000000
67. c.931T>A p.S311Tmissense 1VUS0.000000
68. c.1343T>C p.F448Smissense 1Likely Pathogenic0.000000
69. c.1778C>T p.S593Fmissense 1VUS favour pathogenic0.000034
70. c.713G>A p.R238Hmissense 1VUS0.000074
71. c.2560A>G p.M854Vmissense 1VUS0.000000
72. c.3746G>T p.G1249Vmissense 1VUS0.000000
73. c.3605G>A p.C1202Ymissense 1Likely Pathogenic0.000000
74. c.3098G>A p.R1033Qmissense 1VUS0.000000
75. c.2449C>T p.R817Wmissense 1VUS0.000000
76. c.2939G>A p.R980Hmissense 1VUS0.000000
77. c.1841A>G p.Y614Cmissense 1VUS favour pathogenic0.000000
78. c.518C>A p.T173Nmissense 1VUS0.000000
79. c.1950C>G p.D650Emissense 1VUS0.000000
80. c.3373G>A p.V1125Mmissense 1VUS favour pathogenic0.000022
81. c.1456T>G p.W486Gmissense 1Likely Pathogenic0.000000
82. c.1213A>G p.M405Vmissense 1Pathogenic0.000000
83. c.3580G>A p.A1194Tmissense 1VUS0.000008
84. c.3763G>A p.A1255Tmissense 1VUS favour pathogenic0.000075
85. c.2234A>G p.D745Gmissense 1VUS0.000000
86. c.1540A>G p.I514Vmissense 1VUS0.000008
87. c.3049G>A p.E1017Kmissense 1VUS favour benign0.000085
88. c.2938C>T p.R980Cmissense 1VUS0.000062
89. c.2170C>T p.R724Wmissense 1VUS0.000019
90. c.3676C>T p.R1226Cmissense 1VUS0.000058
91. c.1358C>T p.P453Lmissense 1VUS0.000008
92. c.1535T>A p.L512Qmissense 1VUS favour pathogenic0.000000
93. c.1294G>A p.A432Tmissense 1VUS0.000037
94. c.2557G>A p.G853Smissense 1VUS0.000008
95. c.1418T>C p.F473Smissense 1VUS0.000000
96. c.853G>A p.D285Nmissense 1VUS0.000000
97. c.3065G>A p.R1022Hmissense 1VUS favour pathogenic0.000000
98. c.3281A>T p.N1094Imissense 1VUS0.000000
99. c.3065G>C p.R1022Pmissense 1VUS favour pathogenic0.000025
100. c.2671C>T p.R891Wmissense 1Likely Pathogenic0.000031
101. c.2641G>A p.V881Imissense 1VUS0.000018
102. c.3742G>A p.G1248Rmissense 1VUS0.000033
103. c.103C>T p.R35Wmissense 1VUS0.000056
104. c.2654C>T p.T885Mmissense 1VUS0.000022
105. c.3791G>A p.C1264Ymissense 1VUS0.000008
106. c.3G>C p.Met1?missense 1Likely Pathogenic0.000000
107. c.3277G>T p.G1093Cmissense 1VUS0.000020
108. c.2525A>G p.Y842Cmissense 1VUS0.000000
109. c.3413G>C p.R1138Pmissense 1VUS0.000000
110. c.2533C>T p.R845Cmissense 1VUS favour pathogenic0.000000
111. c.566T>A p.V189Dmissense 1VUS0.000000


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